Skopje, 29th January 2014 (MIA) – Gasification Project of Skopje region covering municipalities starts. Investment amounting to around EUR 100 million will be realized in five years on the basis of public-private partnership principle and one part of the distribution network will be put into operation in 2016.

As Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski announced today at the press conference at the Government Building, the Project envisages gasification of the whole country. Construction of the distribution system will start in 2015 and in five years, i.e. by 2019, at least 70% of the planned infrastructure should be realized.

– The actual operationalization of the Gasification Project in the Republic of Macedonia starts today. In the past several years, we worked hard and we were committed to completing all measures, activities and procedures so as to reach this point. This was not neither easy nor simple work to do at all although certain political structures tried to present it like that, Gruevski said.

The Project, as he added, will be implemented in accordance with all standards, not partially but rather integrally, without any improvisations, but under rather solid plans and programs.

– Many preparatory works were necessary, as well as preparation of mega projects, regulation of property and legal and land relations, carrying out of many analyses and what was certainly the most important was providing grounds, that is agreement for supply of gas for the whole country. By being dedicated and responsible, working patiently and intensively for more than four years, we managed to achieve everything that was necessary and we reached agreement for gas supply with the Russian Federation, thus fulfilling the key precondition for starting the gasification, Prime Minister underlined.

Public call for a private partner will be published in the next few days and it will last by 25th May this year. The Agreement will be valid for a period of 20 years, after which, the state will become an owner of the natural gas system.

In addition to the municipalities in Skopje, the gasification will also cover another seven surrounding municipalities such as Sopiste, Zelenikovo, Studenicani, Petrovec, Ilinden, Cucer Sandevo and Aracinovo.

According to the analyses, the savings of citizens who use central heating, wood, electricity and extra light fuel for heating will be drastically reduced. If a facility using the central heating is connected to natural gas, on annual basis, 24% will be saved in case of a housing facility and 30% will be saved in case of a commercial facility.

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