Government reduced domestic borrowing on the basis of treasury bills by around EUR 15 million on net basis, Ministry of Finance announced.


Ministry of Finance informed that auction of three- and six-month treasury bills in the amount of Denar 2.9 billion was held Tuesday, bearing interest rate of 4.2%, i.e. 4.1% respectively. On Wednesday, Denar 3.8 billion will be paid on the basis of repayment related already issued treasury bills, i.e. amount of newly issued treasury bills will be reduced by 24%.


– Hence, by gradually reducing the amount of newly issued treasury bills, Ministry of Finance keeps its promise to the business community, thereby causing no distortion on the capital market and securities market in the country. Ministry of Finance remains committed to improving liquidity of the economy, disrupted by the effects from the global economic crisis, the press release stated.(MIA)

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