Skopje. 27th December 2012 (MIA) – Ministry of Finance awarded grant to the City of Skopje in the amount of Denar 9.11 million and the Kocani Municipality in the amount of Denar 3.67 million for improvement of municipal services


The City of Skopje, as Ministry of Finance announced, will procure with the awarded grant two special communal vehicles – tank trucks for mechanical and manual washing of public traffic areas with a capacity of 7 square meters. For the purpose of maintaining, i.e. washing public and traffic areas, the public enterprise has 12 special communal vehicles – tank trucks, which are used for more than 20 years in average, being totally amortized. Replacement of the outdated rolling stock of the enterprise will significantly improve the public cleanness of the area of the City of Skopje, will contribute to more efficient performance of the activity and increase of the pleasure of the inhabitants of the City of Skopje, the Ministry announces.


Kocani Municipality will construct "Krum Vraninski” Street with the provided funds. Street is located in the urban area of the town Kocani, being main street in the populated area “Usova cesma”, including around 480 inhabitants and 300 households. Four thousand inhabitants of this inhabited area have been using unpaved street for more than 30 years, which significantly hinders their traffic connection with the town.

Finances are part of the Municipal Services Improvement Project, by which the Government of the Republic of Macedonia provided US$ 50 million from the World Bank for assistance to the municipalities.
So far, within the Project, 29 contracts were concluded with 29 municipalities.

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