Skopje, 28th April 2013 (MIA) – Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski invited the Argentine companies to visit Macedonia and to get familiar with the benefits our country offers to foreign investors. Economic team headed by Prime Minister presented the investment benefits in Macedonia in Buenos Aires to companies in the field of transport infrastructure, energy , tourism, agriculture and insurance.


– You can visit Macedonia, and you can require from the foreign investors, being already located in my country, information about the benefits we offer for doing business. I will also mention the fact that some of them, in addition to one open capacity, already open another one in Macedonia, being the best proof that they have our support, Prime Minister Gruevski said at the Forum, where the investment opportunities in Macedonia were presented, being organized by the Industrial Union of Argentine, which is having as its members representatives of all industrial and economic branches, as well as large multinational companies.


According to Prime Minister, only through such contacts and visits, the companies may get informed about the benefits for doing business in Macedonia. – When they decide to build certain capacity in Europe, by pointing out to the investment benefits, they will know that Macedonia is the best destination for doing business in terms of both lowest costs and the fact that there is free market with all European countries, as well as from aspect that there is stable macroeconomy, being one of the highest ranked countries according to the World Bank as regards the business climate, as well as several other aspects. Thus, with no contacts, visit, informing, this information will hardly be spread and I believe that this is the best manner for spreading such information and sooner or later some of these companies visit us showing their interest, Prime Minister Gruveski said.


He also referred to the investments in the field of education, pointing out that the Government increased the volume of funds invested in the education by twice to the end of creating staff that will have the necessary skills and knowledge for quality performance of the working tasks. – Such staff, he pointed out, is guarantee for success of your companies.


President of the Industrial Union of Argentine Jose Ignacio de Mendiguren, positively assessed the investment opportunities in Macedonia, being presented at the Forum, pointing out that the Union will lobby and will forward the respective information to their members so as to motivate them to consider these investment possibilities as a good business opportunity.


Vice Prime Minister Stavreski pointed out that stable currency, liquid and solvent banking system, low inflation and low level of indebtedness, which are Macedonian macroeconomic indicators, offer good business environment, and the support the Government gives by being service–oriented will be of importance for the potential investors.


Minister Vele Samark presented the comparative advantages the Republic of Macedonia offers to foreign investors, pointing out that the existing reforms and the economy indicators provide for significantly lower price of inputs in the production, thus increasing its profitability.


Director of the Agency for Attracting Foreign Investments and Export Promotion Visar Fida presented several specific projects that could be of interest to the Argentine multinational companies for carrying out investments in the field of tourism, infrastructure and energy.


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