24th August 2018, Skopje – Minister of Finance Tevdovski together with the Minister Carovska  and the Mayor of Veles, Ace Kocevski opened the first kindergarten in the village Karaslari near Veles today. “Piniko” facility comprises 40 children, whereby budget funds in the amount of around Denar 850 thousand were allocated for its equipping and furnishing.


Tevdovski underlined that investments are made in the kindergartens, as well as in the staff working with children.

Increase by 5% is envisaged for the September wage to be paid in October, for all 4,300 employees in the kindergartens – Tevdovski said.

Tevdovski went on that activities are being undertaken for implementing a project in the amount of EUR 35 million, aimed at building kindergarten, in cooperation with the World Bank.

Our goal is to continuously increase the spatial capacities of kindergartens in the country, and to include the kids from rural areas in the pre-school programs, who were not provided such an opportunity before. Therefore, we, as a Government are dedicated to providing conditions for better growth and development to every child – Carovska said, at the launching ceremony in Karaslari.

Government remains committed to improving the conditions and enhancing the capacity building in the kindergartens. As of 1st January this year, MLSP has so far provided financial approval for employing of more than 900 persons, most of which are engaged on permanent basis.

From June last year until July this year, 11 new facilities have been opened throughout Macedonia. Another 11 kindergartens are envisaged to be opened by the end of the year. Budget funds in the amount of Denar 41.6 million were allocated for building, equipping, furnishing and maintenance of kindergartens.



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