Skopje, 15th July 2014 (MIA) – Yesterday afternoon, the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia adopted the amendments to the Law on Subsidizing Housing Loans, by which the interest rates for citizens are reduced.

Interest rate of 4.99% has been reduced to 3.95% for the first three years of the loan repayment and from 5.5% to 4.44% for the fourth and fifth year for the model, where part of the monthly annuity is subsidized.

– As for second model, part of the participation is subsidized, according to which the Government pays 50% of the participation necessary for getting loan for flat, i.e. 75% for house, the interest rate will be six-month, plus 4.5 p.p. during the total loan repayment period, Deputy Minister of Finance Ardian Xheladini said. It is expected for the amendments to have positive effects on the provision of favourable conditions for solving the housing issue of citizens.

Xheladini stressed that the interest the citizens showed in this project is huge and that from the start of its realization until the beginning of July this year, 307 for subsidized housing loans have been reached. 238 out of them are for the model subsidizes for annuity, while the other ones for subsidizing participation. 263 applications were submitted for buying a flat, while 44 referred to subsidizes for building a house

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