Brasilia, 23rd April 2012 (MIA) – Business delegation from Brazil is agreed to visit Macedonia so as to get more familiar with the business opportunities this country offers, as well as with the potential partners for cooperation, at the business forum in Brasilia, where Macedonian Government team presents the economic potentials and benefits for foreign investors.


The forum, organized in cooperation with the Confederation of National Industries in Brazil was attended by representatives of Brazilian trade and industrial chambers and private companies.


Prime Minister Gruevski, in his address, pointed out that the development and the investment focus of Brazil and the benefits the Republic of Macedonia offers to the foreign investors may be a good combination for enhancing the cooperation between the two countries.


– Brazil continuously invests in the development, construction, agriculture, education, health and infrastructure, reforming the business environment and building knowledge-based economy. These are exactly the similarities with my country, Republic of Macedonia, having numerous comparative advantages, being seen as gate to the European markets by many multinational companies, can be also used by Brazil as potential favourable destination for Brazilian investments and businesses, Gruevski said.


He emphasized the reforms being implemented for enhancing the business environment in Macedonia, as well as the investing benefits, the lowest tax package in Europe and the lowest costs for starting and doing business, simplification of the administrative barriers through the regulatory guillotine, as well as the free trade agreements with all European countries.


– Republic of Macedonia attracted the attention of the global investment community with its fast and safe expedition towards the first positions of the countries with the largest number of reforms, according to the renowned World Bank "Doing Business" report, several years in a row. In the last announced report, Republic of Macedonia is ranked 23rd among 185 countries, being ranked at the highest level compared to any transitional economy from Southeast Europe. “Pricewaterhouse Coopers", in its report "Paying Taxes 2013”, pronounced our country as the 24th most friendly country in the world as regards the tax burden and the tax treatment of businesses. “Forbs” announced that the Republic of Macedonia is ranked at the 2nd position in Southeast Europe in relation to the quality of business environment, Prime Minister Gruevski said.


He invited the Brazilian companies to visit Macedonia and to carry out analyses and research of our comparative advantages so as to see that it is a matter of precise and visible, as well as acknowledged options for success which have been used by several foreign renowned companies so far.


Director of the National Confederation of Industries of Brasilia Carlos Eduardo Abijaodi expressed gratitude about the possibility for Brazilian businessmen to hear the investment benefits directly from high-level political representatives, stressing that it is in the interest of the chambers and companies from their confederation to visit the Republic of Macedonia so as to carry out additional analyses, research and assessments for progress in the processes.


– It was very interesting to hear how Macedonia implements the reforms so as to create good business conditions. We try to do the same with Brazil, Director Abijaodi said.


According to him, Brazilian Government may learn a lot from the Macedonian one as regards the implementation of reforms.


Renato de Fonseka, Director for Development of the Confederation of Industries of Brasilia, highly assessed the Macedonian reforms, pointing them out as an example and model that should be practiced in the countries, which promote themselves as favourable destinations for doing business.


– I believe that such meetings are of essential importance since the entrepreneurs from each country can get to know each other. Delegation from Brazil could visit Macedonia so as to get familiar with the country and see what they can do together, i.e. so as for some of the activities to be performed in Macedonia, while the other ones in Brazil, Fonseka said.


Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski referred to the macroeconomic indicators of Macedonia, which, as he pointed out, offer adequate, functional and predictable environment, being favourable for planning the business, its running, growth and development.


– Macedonian economy continuously distinguishes itself with evident macroeconomic stability and average inflation rate of 2.1% in the past fifteen years. We have medium-term policy of low budget deficit of 2.5% of GDP, resulting in low external debt, Stavreski said, also referring to several specific projects for development of tourism and energy in the country.


Minister for Attracting Foreign Investments, Vele Samak presented several aspects for the investment opportunities in the car industry and the information technology, as well as the projects and benefits from the investments in the field of infrastructure.


Director of the Agency for Attracting Foreign Investments and Export Promotion Visar Fida presented the benefits the technological and industrial development zones offer, tax relieves and the benefits arising therefrom, as well as the state aid provided to the investors. He also mentioned the possibilities for cooperation in the field of agriculture and the development of technologies.


Today, government delegation will attend the business forum in Sao Paolo, where it will have several meetings with representatives of the Brazilian trade and industrial chambers and businessmen.


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