Zletovo, 26th January 2013 (MIA) – Realization of the first stage of construction of “Zletovica” hydro system is completed. Investment is worth EUR 100 million, and it provides for resolving the water supply problem in six municipalities in the eastern part of the country.

The dam was formally commissioned today by Prime Minister Nikola Grievski, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreski, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy and Minister of Transport and Communications, Ljupco Dimovski and Mile Janakievski.

It is 75 meters high, 300 meter wide at the base, with 4 kilometers long storage facility, and a maximum accumulation of 23.5 million cubic meters of water. EUR 70 million is provided through credit from the Japan International Cooperation Agency “JICA”, while EUR 25 million is provided from the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

By realizing the first stage of the construction of “Zletovica” hydro system, according to Prime Minister Gruevski, the problem in six municipalities in the eastern part of the country is resolved, among them being Stip, Sveti Nikole, Lozovo, Karbinci, Kratovo and Probistip.

– We have made a promise and fulfilled it, we have ensured funds and commenced this capital project in 2007. All these years we have intensively worked on the dam and the overall system so as to be built in the shortest possible period of time. This is one of the largest, if not the largest, investment in east Macedonia in the last 20 years. This capital project and the first stage of the construction of “Zletovica” hydro system permanently resolve the issue of water supply in the whole region, Prime Minister Gruevski said.

He added that by completing the first stage, requirements for commencing the realization of the second stage are fulfilled, which envisages construction of an irrigation system for the agricultural land in this region, which, as he said, is a new era in a planned agricultural production in this region.

The procedure, Prime Minister informed, for the second stage is commenced, and after it is completed, the third stage will be immediately commenced, which envisages electricity generation to additionally improve the energy potential in the region and the energy resources in the country, thus, he underlined, completing one of the largest projects in the past 20 years in the Republic of Macedonia.

– This proves that if something is wanted and an initiative, decisiveness and dedication is shown, and if constructive cooperation between the central and the local government and the citizens exists, such complex projects, which significantly change the quality of life of the citizens, can become a reality. As we have said at the previous local elections, together we can do more, we can create many deeds. This Government is characterized by making and implementing deeds and realizing projects. We do not make empty promises, we fulfill what we promise. This project was a promise made by all previous governments, but none of them completed is, Gruevski underlined.

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, Ljupco Dimovski, said that EUR 4 million from the credit line remained unused, part of which was used for construction of filter station in Probistip, adaptation of filter station in Stip and construction of other facilities so as to ensure timely and quality supply of water to the final beneficiaries and the municipalities.

– Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy remains to its commitment to build new capital facilities in the field of water supply, in order to increase the irrigated arable land to contribute to increased production of food, which will be of increasingly greater importance in the years to come, Dimovski said.

The next stage, he added, envisages construction of an irrigation system on an area of around 4,500 ha.

Director of “Zletovica” hydro system, Stojan Milanov, said that the first stage of realization of the project was completed within the set deadline.

In parallel to the dam construction, 85 km long pipeline was also built to Stip, Sveti Nikole, Lozovo and Karabinci, while as regards Kratovo, the pipeline was compatible and it was built at the beginning of the dam construction in 1988.

– Asphalt instead of clay core was used for the first time for a construction of an embankment dam in the Republic of Macedonia, which has proved to be a good solution for the stability and waterproofing of the dam, Milanov said.

Significance of the dam was also underlined by the Japanese Ambassador to the Republic of Macedonia, H.E. Shigeo Iwatani, who pointed out that it was large, taking into taking account the low level of precipitation in this part of the country.


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