3rd April 2020 – Loan installments of financial and leasing companies will be reduced by at least 70% for the citizens in the next three months, for which no costs, fees and default interests will be charged. These liabilities will be evenly distributed to the remaining repayment period, or the repayment period could be extended by at least 90 days. This is governed by the Decrees adopted today, pertaining to financial and leasing companies.

The citizens will receive the notification of the new terms and conditions through the website of the respective financial or leasing company, SMS, e-mail or other electronic communication – if they do not declare that they reject the offer within 10 days, it will be considered to be accepted.

As for the legal entities, decisions will be reached individually, upon request by the respective client, to be also submitted electronically.

On the other hand, new loan agreements can be approved with a 3-month grace period, upon request by the user, and only contractual interest will be calculated during this period.

At the same time, by reducing the statutory default interest, the total costs charged, which have accounted for 51% of the total loan amount so far, are now reduced to 31%. The other costs not being limited so far, are now limited to 30% of the approved loan.

These amendments provide for significant reduction of the burden of repayment of these loans, as well as reduction of the costs for their settlement.

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