Ministry of Finance performs activities pertaining to the following:

  • system of financing;
  • treasury system;
  • customs system;
  • tax system and tax policy;
  • system of foreign exchange operations;
  • system of banks and saving houses and other financial institutions
  • accounting system, auditing system and payment operations;
  • loans and credits;
  • macroeconomic policy and policy on development of the national economy
  • preparation of balance of payments projections;
  • preparation and monitoring of macroeconomic balance;
  • property and casualty insurance;
  • games of chance;
  • preparation and execution of the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia and of the Annual Report of the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia
  • ownership and other property and legal relations;
  • commodity reserves;
  • supervision under its competence and
  • other activities stipulated by law.

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