23rd August 2017, SkopjeIn order for the state budget to be more accessible and transparent for the citizens, Ministry of Finance’ team prepared a Citizens’ Budget, presenting, in an understandable manner, the key information from the state budget to the broader public.

Citizens’ Budget is not a substitute for the detailed state budget, but it is rather a presentation, through which each citizen can immediately found out the plans for public finance management.

– Citizens’ Budget is one of the tools by which Ministry of Finance creates transparency and accountability of the public finances. We believe that the full insight of the public into how citizens’ money is spent is an important step forward in preventing abuse by the power holders. At the same time, our intention is to intensify citizens’ inclusion in the creation of government program and policies by increasing public awareness, Minister of Finance Dragan Tevdovski said in the preface.

The next Citizens’ Budget will be published under the 2018 Draft Budget and its preparation will become a practice in future.

 Budget is financed by citizens and companies and they are its direct and indirect users. Budget is from the citizens – for the citizens, hence, each citizen should have access thereto and insight therein.

You can download the Citizens’ Budget at the following link.

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