Skopje, 2nd July 2012 (MIA) – Ministry of Finance paid Denar 221.5 million as subsidies to 11,284 farmers upon several bases.

According to the press release of the Ministry of Finance, Denar 145 million will be paid for the ear-tagged herds of bovine animals to the accounts of the farmers. The support amounts to Denar 2,700 per herd of bovine animal.

Denar 51.5 million is paid for produced and sold cow’s milk. Subsidy amounts to Denar 3.5 per liter of milk. Denar 25 million will be paid for produced and sold tobacco. Subsidy amounts to Denar 60 per kilogram of tobacco.


– Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Ministry of Finance continue to both support the agriculture and maintain the liquidity in the economy, the Ministry of Finance’s press release stated.

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