Skopje, 28th September 2016 (MIA) – Significant amount of funds, the highest so far, is allocated in the 2017 Draft Budget for capital investments, aimed at supporting the economic development.

Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski, elaborated on this while presenting the 2017 Draft Budget at the parliamentary Financing and Budget Commission.

– Commitment to constantly increase the funds intended for public investments in the past years proved to be efficient for several sectors, above all the construction sector, as well as the industry, hence since 2009 onwards, amount of budget funds for capital investments is continuously increased. As regards next year, high level of capital investments is projected in the amount Denar 26,954 billion, being higher by Denar 4.62 billion compared to 2016, or accounting for 20.7% increase of capital investments, Minoski said.

He also said that total of Denar 20.16 billion was projected to be invested in road infrastructure, most of which, or Denar 16.56 billion, would be realized through the Public Enterprise for State Roads. Denar 3.6 billion is projected for completion of the construction of a modern highway section Demir Kapija – Smokvica along Corridor 10.

National and Regional Roads Rehabilitation Project is envisaged to be realized through the Public Enterprise for State Roads, covering the following road sections: Bitola-Resen-Bukovo, Novo Selo-Mavrovo-Zirovnica-Debar, Tetovo-Brvenica-Cegrane-Gostivar, Delcevo-Golak, Mokrino-Smolari, Melnicki Most-Centar Zupa, Lazani-Topotovo-Crniliste, Krivogastani-Obrsani-Vogjani, Kocani-Delcevo and Nov Dojran-Nikolik.

As he said, Road Upgrading and Development Project – Kriva Palanka-Rankovce road section, as well as construction of the highways Miladinovci-Stip and Kicevo-Ohrid, would continue next year. Activities envisaged under the National Roads Program, funded by EBRD, will be intensified, envisaging construction of new road sections Stip-Kocani, Ohrid-Pestani, Gradsko-Prilep and Trebeniste-Struga, as well as the activities within the Construction of New Express Road Stip-Radovis Project.

With respect to capital expenditures related to rail infrastructure, Denar 807 million is projected.


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