30th July 2018, Skopje – Ministry of Finance proposes new Law on Excises, harmonized with the EU Directives. Many benefits are envisaged therein, such as lower excise duties for small alcohol-producing businesses. Under the new Law on Excises, small distilleries will pay 50% of the excise duty per litre of alcohol, while farmers – small alcohol-producing businesses will be charged 8.5% of the excise duty per litre of alcohol.  As regards the large alcohol-producing businesses, the excise duty remains the same.

In addition, the new Law envisages importing and releasing new tobacco products into free circulation on the market, such as heated tobacco, which the citizens could not purchase in our country, hence they bought it from abroad.

Excise duty on tobacco products and alcohol beverages is also envisaged to be paid when they are released into circulation on the market. So far, excise duty was paid in advance when obtaining the excise stamps.

In order to monitor import and export of electricity, natural gas, coal, coke and lignite, these products become excise goods under the new Law, hence excise duty rate therefore is 0%. This means that there will be no changes in the price of these products as a result of the new Law on Excises.


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