Skopje, 20th December 2013 (MIA) – Following five-day debate, Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, adopted the 2014 Budget today with 65 “yes” votes and 26 “no” votes

Revenues are projected at Denar 158 billion and Denar 343 million, while expenditures are projected at Denar 176,514 million. Budget deficit is projected at the level of 3.5% and will be financed from both domestic and foreign sources. GDP growth is projected at 3,2%, while the inflation at 3,3%.

As Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski said Budget will provide for more intensified economic growth by realizing capital investments, being higher by 11% in relation to this year and social stability will be retained through the increased amount for pensions and social assistance, as well as through the increased amount for subsidies by EUR 140 million.

– This is the policy we have continuously implemented in times of crisis and will continue to implement in 2014 as well. All these fact show that the Government pays attention to supporting all vulnerable categories of citizens. In addition to the strong development dimension, there is dimension of social stability included as well, Deputy Prime Minister Stavreski said.

For the opposition, 2014 Budget lacks development component, it is unrealistic and as they said, is another pre-electoral manipulation and buying votes. They believe that it offers no possibility for boosting the economy and job creation, on the contrary, it envisages non-productive costs.

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