Skopje, 10th January 2015 (MIA) – Citizen from Bitola Trajan Ivanovski, winner of the flat of the prize game “Fiscal Receipts in Hand – Rewards Without Hassle” at the 13th drawing on 29th December 2014, obtained the keys today. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski officially handed over the flat to him, announcing that the prize game continues this year as well.

Stavreski expressed great contentment with the so-far realization of the prize game “Fiscal Receipts in Hand – Rewards without Hassle”, expressing congratulations to the lucky winner.  I would like to wish to him and his family, all daughters, son in laws, nephews and great grandsons to use it for happy events, as well as to have other happy moments in their life. I would like to congratulate all other winners in both this and all previous rounds, Stavreski said.

Prize game, as he stressed, fully met our expectations, stirred up huge interest and brought happiness to big number of people and we all together participated in the implementation of infrastructure and other projects, financed with funds collected from the tax payment.

– As a confirmation thereof, I would like to point out that during 2014, total of 6.6 million envelopes were received for participation in this prize game.  In the last December round alone, we had most interest, receiving more than 1,650,000 envelopes, being a good sign that citizens got used to both demanding fiscal receipts and participating in this prize game, Stavreski said.

He underlined three flats of 52 square meters were awarded in Skopje through this prize game, as well as three stores, big number of cars and 2,000 valuable vouchers, by which food products, bikes, computers and other valuable goods and products can be bought.

– Thus, I believe that we managed to achieve the goal, i.e. to indicate, through a motivational game,  that the  request and the obtaining of fiscal receipt is a right of the citizens, also being an obligation for companies, and all together, the smallest and the biggest ones, all participating in this prize game “Fiscal Receipts in Hand – Rewards Without Hassle”, helped through the funds collected with the taxes in the construction of roads, hospitals, schools, utility infrastructure and everything that is financed from the Budget, Stavreski said.


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