Skopje, 8th May 2013 (MIA) – The Budget is in good condition. Inflow of funds in the first four months this year corresponds to the expectations, and payments are timely, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, said at today’s press conference, answering to journalists’ questions.

– We have preliminary data on April and, as we have expected, slight deficit is recorded at end of April, which will help set off for the increased expenditures registered in February, at the begging of the year and in March, which were related to settlement of liabilities to the business sector and the subsidies. Hence, the deficit is within the expected projections for the first four months, and it will stay as such by the end of the year. We expect for the projections to be realized, Minister Stavreski said.

He underlined that there were no arrears, all companies received VAT refund on time and all invoices were paid in a timely manner.

– The Government fulfills what it has promised the business sector. Amount of arrears was reduced to zero even in February. It is zero today as well. All companies receive VAT refund on time and we pay all invoices. Having in mind the time we live in and the trends in Europe, we believe Macedonian Budget deals with the challenges quite well and we will manage to realize all revenue and expenditure projections by the end of the year, Minister Stavreski underlined.

He pointed out that budget financing was in line with the projections, meaning domestic financing through auctions and funds ensured through the World Bank policy-based guarantee with low interest.


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