Skopje, 22nd July 2014 (MIA) – Workers in Macedonia are given the right to choose whether to retire regularly or to extend their employment by one, two or three years. This is provided by the amendments to the Law on Labour Relations, the Government adopted at today’s session.

As Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski said at today’s press conference, according to the new amendments, men will be allowed to decide whether to retire at the age of 64, 66 or 66, while woman will be able to choose whether to go into retirement at the age of 62, 63, 64 or 65.

At today’s session, the Government adopted amendments, by which workers hired under contractual agreement or temporary employment contract will be have their pension and health insurance benefits paid by the employer if they earn income higher than the minimum salary.

Deputy Prime Minister Stavreski expects for the new measures to contribute to reducing unemployment and curbing grey economy, since, as he said, employers will be interested in concluding employment contracts with the persons who have worked under temporary employment contract or contractual agreement so far.
As he pointed out, everyone will be pleased with the new amendments to the Law on Retirement, since even so far, employers had the chance to resume the employment the workers needed, and now that right is entitled to employees themselves. These amendments were discussed with everyone interested therein, being positively assessed by everyone.
The employee should say, by 31st August, whether he/she resumes his/her employment for another year.

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