Doors of international financial institutions are not closed for Macedonia, although some media claim so, Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, told TV Nova.

Macedonia has been enjoying good relations with all international financial institutions, such as the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the IMF and the European Investment Bank, Minister Stavreski said.

All doors for financing solid projects are opened to us and we are not aware of any doubts on their side as regards the financing of Macedonia’s investment needs”, Stavreski said.

According to him, the political crisis, holding the country hostage for some time now, is obviously accompanied by a propaganda war, spreading various incomplete information and misinformation.

Such was the information the other day announced in the public about the funds the World Bank approved in January this year. The truth is that the World Bank Board approved the loan for municipal services improvement, in the amount of US$ 28 million, in January. At that time, the elections were supposed to be held on 24th April, meaning that a provisional government governs the country 60 days prior to the elections. Hence, we agreed with the World Bank for the loan to become effective immediately after the elections. The World Bank does the same with the other countries facing the similar situation”, Stavreski explained.

According to him, this information came out in January, then it was announced by some media. Now, for the purpose of emphasizing that the country is allegedly limited the financial resources, it is used again and added another dimension.

First information announced in the media was that the World Bank stopped financing Macedonia. This is not true. The Bank has already approved the loan, which was to become effective after the elections. We have postponed the elections, which is our internal problem. Due to political reasons, the elections have been postponed from April to June. Overall financing from both the World bank and the IMF is not halted”, Stavreski explained.


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