Skopje, 19th December 2013 (MIA) – Evident effect from the attraction of foreign investments, employment policies and the credit line from the European Investment Bank subsidized by the Government is the creation of total of 39, 450 new jobs in the Republic of Macedonia.

This was pointed out by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski during the afternoon’s debate about the amended 2014 Draft Budget as a retort to the MP from SDSM Oliver Spasovski, who criticized the results of the Government as regards the job creation.

Deputy Prime Minister Stavreski thoroughly presented the created now jobs, indicating that 4,028 jobs were created in the free economic zones, where 325 jobs were created in the facilities of Johnston Controls Skopje, 768 in Johnston Controls Stip, 448, in Johnson Metti Skopje, 177 in Kemet Electronics, 50 in Protek Skopje, 32 in TeknoHose, 250 in Van Hool, 792 in Kromberg and Schubert, 1,048 in Draeximaer.

We have managed to keep, as you wish to say, total of 4,028 families not to go abroad. How many families did you manage to keep not going abroad and how many factories did you open? Stavreski asked.

30,524 jobs were created through the active employment policies, as he said, on all bases. 5.798 jobs were created through self-employment, 4,807 through subsidizes provided by the Employment Agency, 6,591 through the training for renown employer, 759 jobs through internship, 1,914 through the education for personal business, Stavreski said.

According to him, 4,907 new jobs were created in the private sector by using the EIB credit line with 5.5% interest rate subsidized by the Government.

Member of Parliament Stavreski, after presenting the Budget said, among the other, that he disagreed with the Government’s attitude that it conducts policies which increase the number of created jobs. This Government created jobs, however not in Macedonia but rather outside the country, since there is a large number of citizens, who abandoned Macedonia, Spasovski said.

He believes that under the proposed Budge, no well-found projects are financed and that there are no capital investments.

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