Industrial zone in Kratovo, one of the major infrastructure projects, financially supported by the Government, will be completed by the middle of 2015, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreski said in Kratovo.

Yesterday, following the meetings with the Mayor Mite Andonovski and the Advisors in the Municipality, he announced that more intensive infrastructure investments of Kratovo Municipalities will follow in the next two years. 

– Industrial zone surrounding the Factory “Idnina-Zmej” should be completed by the middle of next year.  There, the businessman will be able to invest in new facilities and create jobs.  We had discussions with the Mayor and the Advisors about the possibility for construction of car-parking and city market, for which we will also provide financial support.  Projects are being prepared and I expect for them to be realized by the end of next year.  In addition, sports hall in “Koco Racin” School is one of the Government’s priorities, and I expect for it to be part of the Programme in 2015 and for its realization to commence.  Construction of the football playground will be completed soon, and there will certainly be other projects to be realized by the Municipality, thus, more intensive both economic growth and infrastructure investments in Kratovo Municipality will follow in the next two years, Stavreski said.

Mayor Andonovski, in addition to the completed projects in the Municipality, announced new infrastructure-related activities.

– This year, thanks to the Government’s support, we asphalted and built several local road sections in the villages of Trnovac, Turalevo, Vakav and Sopsko Rudare.  As for the village of Kavrak, we asphalted 3.3 km-long road so as to connect Kratovo Municipality with the Probistip Municipality and the am “Zletovica” Next year, we will continue to construct new road sections, as well as realize other infrastructure projects, for which we provided financial support from the Government.  We will surely require other sources of funds as well, such as IPA Funds for Cross-Border Cooperation, donations from Embassies, the Agency for Financial Support in Agriculture and Rural Development in order to realize the promise we made to the citizens, Andonovski said.

Deputy Prime Minister Stavreski also attended the final stage of works on rehabilitation of the landslide in Kratovo, for which Project the Government has allocated Denar 58 million.

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