Skopje, 12th December 2012 (MIA) – It would be pity if the opposition does not support the Budget, as a whole, together with the loans from the World Bank since they are part of the Budget financing. Thus, they will not only cause harm to the Government but they will also inflict severe damage to this country since we will pay EUR 84 million for a higher interest if we use funds from the capital market in Europe.

This was stated by Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski during the break of the Conference for starting the Project "Training of Internal Auditors in the Public Sector" (TIAPS) when asked by the journalists.

I believe, he stressed, that the opposition will once again consider the arguments since it is not necessary for the future generations to pay EUR 84 mullion, if we can mutually save them for the country and use them for another better purpose.

The situation is serious. Budget is the most important document for the country and the functioning of the public sector. So far, given the debate of the Finances and Budget Committee, there is no room for big optimism, since it was evident that the intention was, through long-lasting discussions, to hold up the Budget adoption and the financing of the projects from the World Bank. I believe that there should be greater responsibility and I would like to appeal to SDSM and the opposition to put efforts and not to hold the Budget and to provide for sound debate without dragging out the discussions so as for the Budget to be adopted by the end of this year, Stavreski said.

This, as he said, is significant issue for the Republic of Macedonia, for financing all categories of pensioners, welfare beneficiaries, farmers, the police, the military and everything that is financed from the Budget, as well as for the structural projects.

In such circumstances, we have to show common responsibility, as well as to provide funds for financing the Budget in times when Europe faces crisis, and Macedonia deeply feels the consequences thereof. We managed to obtain the World Bank support for borrowing a loan at a very low interest rate. Next year, we will settle the same amount of liabilities as the amount of these loans. Opposition should seriously consider the arguments, behave responsible and allow for mutual adoption of the Budget by the end of this year, Stravreski stressed.

He pointed out that the President of the Parliament Trajko Veljanoski put efforts to find solution for accelerating the activities of the Committee. He added that pursuant to the Rules of Procedure, he has competences to act appropriately so as to provide for efficient work of the Parliament.

Total of 1,226 amendments were submitted, most of which refer to projects and proposals that cannot be performed by the central government at all and which are not carried out with Budget funds since the local government is in charge thereof. I cannot speculate that this is coordinated among the opposition, however, it is a fact that Macedonia is the only country in the region and EU, in which 1,226 amendments were submitted for the Budget and 160 amendments for the loan for budget support , Stavreski said, adding that the Republic of Macedonia was previously extended 14 identical loans, for which amendments were not submitted at all.

If the Budget is not adopted by the end of this year, he stressed, bridge financing will occur, being an exceptional and incidental situation, which is not a good thing to happen.

– That is a bad signal for investors and therefore, I would like to appeal to SDSM and the overall opposition not to prevent the Budget adoption, Stavreski said.

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