Skopje, 14th October 2011 (MIA) – Increased capital investments and inflow of funds through external financing under favourable conditions is the way Macedonia will manage the risk springing from the European crisis and affecting the Macedonian economy.


– Europe has no good solution to this crisis and we should, by ourselves, cope, as so far, with the risk the European crisis brings to Macedonia. We need to be realistic, to put all our efforts to the best for our country, since no one from outside can help us. We should work to help ourselves and in this regards, Macedonia has much better performance than Greece and any other country as regards economic stability, growth, debt level, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, said at the signing of the Loan Agreement between the City of Skopje and EBRD on financing the reconstruction of Prvomajska Street.


Minister added that the trends in Greece would not weather on the short run, and it would be probably overreacted to expect any compensation as regards the damages suffered from the crisis.


– Greece is experiencing a chaos with its own problems. It is obvious that Europe has no good solution for the time being, and it would be good if Europe interrupts the crisis, i.e. officially announces the bankruptcy as soon as possible, which is certain for Greece and will help stabilize the markets, since as long as such uncertainty exists the situation in the region, Macedonia, SEE, will not improve. European politicians should have to finally undertake responsibility and resolve some issues, rather than just debating upon them, Minister pointed out, adding that if Europe is afraid to use our name in the Progress Report, we cannot expect for it to compensate us any costs arising as a result of the strikes at the border crossings. – In fact, as he underlined, they have been aware of the bad situation going on in Greece and have allowed for it to happen.


As regards the amount of funds spent for the census activities, Minister Stavreski said that State Census Commission is obliged, by law, to prepare a report within three months on the overall realization and the amount of funds necessary for its realization.


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