Skopje, 11th November 2012 (MIA) – Government has already paid half of the debt towards the business sector on the basis of both VAT and carried out construction works and services.

This was stated by Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski in an interview for “Utrinski vesnik”, pointing out that the promise to the businessmen was kept, even a month earlier than the envisaged deadline.

By the end of October, over half of the liabilities have been already paid, on the basis of both VAT refund and orders for construction, utility and other services. Payment dynamics will continue with the same pace and as of February2013 inclusive, we will keep the promise made to the business community, as regards full settlement of thе liabilities, Stavreski said.

Government, he points out, established system with precise instructions to the government institutions and the budget users in terms of the dynamics of settling the liabilities so as to prevent reoccurrence of debt accumulation.

There are systemic changes, and in this respect, the treasury guideline has been changed. Budget users have been given instructions for the planning of funds to be in line with the provided Budget for next year and not to plan projects, exceeding that Budget. Budget and the Treasury Department will receive no payment orders unless such payments are projected and within the amounts allocated. The measures we undertook are systemic. I expect, in future, for the liabilities tо be regularly paid on the basis of the carried out systemic changes. One should know that Macedonia is the first country in the region, which solved this problem and it is a country with least problem as regards accumulated liabilities. As for the other countries, in line with the information we have, the problem is larger and it is no even started to be resolved, Vice Prime Minister Stavreski said in the interview.

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