Veles, 6th October 2014 (MIA) – In Veles, hope has been restored after many years.

From being a synonym for catastrophically carried out privatization and closure of factories, Veles has turned into a city, where we can talk about opening of new factories and job creation, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski at Today’s visit to Veles.

He went on that citizens see the outlook through jobs that began to be created in different companies operating in free economic zones, as well as through the created 900 jobs in Dräxlmaier, 300 jobs through the Turkish investment, as well as the commenced process of the German Markart for selection of 600 persons who are to be employed.

– All this improves the outlook of Veles in particular of young people, Deputy Prime Minister Stavreski said.

He stressed that this is also coupled by the Government policies carried out through the active measures of the Employment Agency, creating 900 jobs through different programs, as well as 250 employments through the credits extended from the Macedonian Bank for Development Promotion, being used by over 20 companies from Veles, .

– It is a matter of solid number of employments, being good outlook for economic development of Veles since all people will be able to build their own future with their salaries, thus the development of the city will continue, Minister of Finance said.

He expressed assurance that there will be new investments in future since the Mayor Slavco Cadiev informed him that the local government planned to completed the second industrial zone, where sale of lost is expected, in which the domestic investors could create jobs.


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