Skopje, 13th December 2012 (MIA) – Budget is democratic mechanism, it should be adopted within the envisaged legal deadlines and there is no reason to mutually send a bad signal to the world, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski during today’s Budget debate in the Parliamentary Commission on Financing and Budget.


Democracy, as he pointed out, means sound and constructive debate, rather than infinite retorting, so as not to adopt the Budget and to have as much useless debate as possible. He sent a message to the opposition not to bring the Budget debate down to petty political games through discussions between themselves, lasting up to two – three hours per a single amendment.

Retorting to the SDSM MPs after the refusal of their amendment for establishment of public transportation enterprise in Bitola, Minister of Finance said that precisely these amendments show that their goal is not to adopt the Budget.


– You cause harm not only to the Government, but also to the country, with such debates. Behave seriously, since the situation is serious. There is no country, which failed to adopt the Budget on time in such times of crisis. Europe is shaken by recession and we do everything we can to make timely payments to all citizens, pensioners, welfare beneficiaries, farmers, we are putting efforts to make regular payments to the police as well, to realize projects, to purchase equipment for the hospitals, which is also delivered to Bitola, Ohrid, Pehcevo, Tetovo and other places, Stavreski said.


According to him, hundreds of thousands of citizens will be brought in a position of suffering due to the lack of seriousness and irresponsibility of the opposition, and the economy will be also affected since if the Budget is not adopted, debts will be accumulated.


– Please behave responsibly as a political party. There has been parliamentary democracy in Macedonia for twenty years and it has not happened for a opposition political party to obstruct the Budget adoption. Do not be the first opposition in Macedonia and Europe, which will lead to not adopting the Budget. I once again appeal to common sense and understanding, to overcome the narrow political interests of the party so as not to cause additional problems and risks to Macedonia in such troubled times and to adopt the Budget within the envisaged deadline, Stavreski said.

He qualified as a threat the opposition requests for their amendments to be accepted so as to adopt the Budget by Friday. At the same time, he pointed out that SDSM, as a political party will bear the responsibility in future if a problem arises for all regular Budget payments. He pointed once again that by blocking both the Budget and the borrowings from the World Bank, the country will suffer damage in the amount of EUR 84 million.

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