Prilep, 16th March 2016 (MIA) – For a period of 9 years, unemployment in Prilep has been reduced by 10,000 persons, mainly through projects via the Employment Agency, as well as by activating the industrial zones, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreski said at todays visit to Prilep.


According to Stavreski, good results have been achieved, by which in the period 2006-2015, the number of unemployed persons in Prilep decreased by almost 10,000 persons.


Most of them have been employed through the active measures of the Employment Agency, such as selfemployment, loans, grants, “Macedonia EmploysProject and similar, Stavreski said, adding that many of the jobs were created in the companiesforeign investments, in the surrounding and Prilep, as well as in the industrial zones.


He pointed out the companiesforeign investmentsDräxlmaier”, “GentermandAkomplast”, where there is big number of employments, and new ones are expected to be realized therein, as well as in the industrial zone in Prilep, where it is expected for several domestic factories to open plants and create jobs.


There are of course employments in the local companies as well. During these years, they took advantage of the favourable business climate, the low taxes through the loans under favourable terms and conditions, and thus, as a result of all these measures, we helped the domestic companies to create jobs as well Stavreski underlined.


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