Skopje, 28th June 2013 (MIA) – Unemployment rate in Macedonia has reduced below 30% for the first time in these 17 years. In 2005, unemployment rate amounted to 39%, being lower by around nine percentage points, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski said today, answering Member of Parliament’s question.


Stavreski believes that it is not impossible for the downward trend of the unemployment rate to continue in future as well.


– Our goal is for the unemployment rate in Macedonia to gradually reach 20%, instead of being over 30% as it was in the past. Macedonia has a good potential and good chances to achieve this. The foreign investments we bring open several hundreds of or thousands of jobs, however, the domestic investments, through appropriate conditions and favourable credits, may also open certain number of jobs, Stavreski said.


Unemployment in the Republic of Macedonia, as he said, is still very high and remains to be the crucial problem in economic and social terms.


– On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that in conditions of big crisis in the world, we managed for the unemployment of 39%, as it was in 2005, to reduce to less than 30%, historically the lowest level after the unemployment is measured by the State Statistical Office, Stavreski said.


Our efforts, as he said, will continue to be aimed at providing for job creation with foreign and domestic investments.


According to him, there is no other manner of solving the unemployment, except for creating good conditions for both foreign and domestic investors.


He stressed that it is important for the municipalities to also continue creating favourable conditions, like the Government does, which, at central level, creates favourable conditions for the investors.


– We keep the taxes at low level. Macedonia has the lowest taxes in Europe, lowest costs for companies, we provided EUR 250 million as cheap credits from the European Investment Bank with subsidized interest, or 5.5%. This helps for many small- and medium-sized enterprises in the Republic of Macedonia to survive and create new jobs, Stavreski said.


According to him, all mayors should have as a priority the economic development by creating industrial zones. He mentioned once again Vasilevo Municiplaity with over 30 factories, small facilities, points of purchase and warehouses.


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