Last measures of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia for VAT reduction from 18% to 5% for fodder, fodder additives, as well as livestock will provide for great support to Macedonian agriculture

At today’s meeting with representatives for farmers and companies from stock-breeding sector, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski pointed out that the benefits from VAT reduction will be multiple.

-VAT rate reduction will contribute to decreasing the price of meat and milky products in the Republic of Macedonia, which will significantly increase competitiveness of cattle breeding in our country, thus we will become more competitive in European context. It will provide for the companies themselves engaged in purchase and processing of fodder to be more competitive and for the grey economy to be reduced, Stavreski said

As the Minister said, it is a matter of long-standing request of farmers, whose persistence was justified and well-argumented and therefore, this measure was included in the program and adopted at the first governmental session, adding that, at the same time, this is a continuation of the measures aimed at supporting Macedonian agriculture.

– Government continues to realize the envisaged agricultural measures. We will continue to have a good ear for the demands of farmers. We remain committed to both solving their problems and introducing new measures in the sector, Stavreski said.

Line Minister Ljupco Dimovski expressed contentment with the outcome of the discussion with farmers, which, as he mentioned, have lasted for a longer period of time already.

This measure will intensify the production of fodder, on which we currently depend in terms of import. However, in the next short-term period, all agricultural and arable areas will be used for production of fodder, which is a big benefit, the sector for fodder processing will be additionally stimulated and the raising of cattle will be increased, as well as production of meat and milky products, Dimovski said.

The farmers welcomed the Government decision, since it, as they said, fulfilled their long-lasting demand, rectifying the injustice – stimulation of corn production with 5%, and destimulation of barley with 18%.

– We are pleasantly surprised us by the Government. This not only a policy and pre-election promise, it is rather a reality. We, as producers expect for our work to be successful. More than 60% of our farmers are small, not being VAT refunders due to which the production price is higher. However, now we hope that our product will be around 13% cheaper, by which we will increase the competitiveness and productivity, Eftim Saklev, President of the Association of Farmers pointed out.

Vele Ristovski from the Farming Coo-operative "Edinstvo" from Celopek and manufacturer of fresh pork and fodder pointed out that VAT reduction will certainly yield results.

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