Kratovo, 9th May 2014 (MIA) – Today, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski announced that the Government will rehabilitate all landslides across the country, thus overcoming the potential problems during deteriorated weather conditions.

During his visit to Kratovo, Stavreski pointed out that immediately after the information on the landslide in this town, the Government, at an urgent session, decided to send team from the Public Enterprise for State Roads, the Construction Faculty and other companies that may help. In the first several days, he explained, activities have been undertaken for preventing the further sliding of the land and today we can see that this phase has been overcome.

What is a good signal is that we have initial results, however, in the next phase, total rehabilitation of the landslide is necessary. Kratovo inhabitants can feel certain that the Government will meet them halfway and that all measures for total rehabilitation of this landslide will be undertaken. Thus, the issue for this landslide will be resolved once and for all for all those using the road from Kratovo to Probistio, Stavreski said.

Government, as he said, undertook activities for rehabilitation activities of another 6-7 places in the country, such as for instance in Mavrovo – Rostose. – 6-7 landslides will be rehabilitated under the World Bank Project. This will help in overcoming the potential problems which occur when there are deteriorated weather conditions, Deputy Prime Minister Stavreski pointed out.

He announced that they will use the visit to Kratovo for meeting the Mayor and the MP from this city, all those being in charge of resolving the infrastructure and other problems of the Municipality of Kratovo.

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