Skopje, 18th October 2016 (MIA) – Skopje Fair hosts the 42nd “TEHNOMA” International Fair as of today, at which more than 160 exhibitors from Macedonia, Italy, Austria and Germany in the field of metallurgy, electrical engineering, energy, construction, security and protection take part.

Five-day fair event offers the possibility to promote achievements in innovations and new technologies, prospects and incentives for new businesses by presenting success stories, debates about the needs of the companies operating in different areas, …

As Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski, said, TEHNOMA, as an event taking place for 42 years, was the best example of competitiveness by promoting innovations and knowledge.

– Key to economic development of the country is developed private sector, able to create products and services that will be competitive on the global market. In order to achieve this, Government of the Republic of Macedonia is focused on creating favourable business environment to stimulate the innovativeness of the domestic companies, at the same time supporting the introduction of new technologies by attracting foreign investments, Minoski said at the opening ceremony.

Tax burden on the companies in Macedonia, Minister of Finance pointed out, is one of the lowest in the world, leaving room for the funds to be invested in improving the production process and expanding the business. Foreign investments and transferring the know-how on the domestic companies influence both the development of innovativeness and the introduction of new technological process in the production of the Macedonian companies.

Measures the Government undertakes for development of entrepreneurship, such as the active measures of the Employment Agency, providing for grants and loans for self-employment and starting up businesses, are aimed at increasing competitiveness and innovations, Minoski underlined.

– The effect from the measures aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the Macedonian business sector is best reflected in the continuous increase of the export of Macedonian products. Yet another indicator of growth of competitiveness is the export structure. If share of machinery and transport equipment in the total export accounted for only 5% ten years ago, now it accounts for 25%. It means that share of higher value-added products is experiencing a multi-fold increase, Minoski said.

Special segment of TEHNOMA is dedicated to the Start-Up Avenue of the Fund for Innovations and Technological Development. More than 30 start-up companies will take part in “Tehnoinvent” event, where workshops, presentations and a conference will also be held.

By presenting examples of success stories, the Fund, as Director Jasmina Popovska pointed out, wants to encourage all those with good ideas to start up a business.

– Financial assistance offered by the Fund is not always enough. An incentive is also needed through examples of success stories to be presented in the Start-Up Avenue and at the upcoming workshops and the conference. I hope these success stories of entrepreneurs will inspire and encourage others to enter the business sector. We would also like to support and provide those which have already started and are introducing innovative solutions an easier way to grow their business, Popovska said.

So far, the Fund has awarded EUR 1.3 million to 33 companies, and a new tranche in the amount of EUR 450,000 is in the process of being awarded.

Skopje Fair CEO, Daniela Gligorovska, said good promotion and excellent response by the business audience was the key to success and growth of each company which exhibited its products, directly or indirectly, on the fair event. – To take part in a fair means to be a step forward on the market and to constantly adjust to the market conditions and the innovative cycles in the industry, Gligorovska siad.

Importance of TEHNOMA was also underlined by the Hungarian Ambassador to Macedonia, Laslo Istvan Dux, pointing out that participation of several Hungarian companies in the Fair was a possibility to strengthen the economic cooperation between the two countries. – We hope investments in development of regional roads and railways and the planned resumption of the direct flight between Skopje and Budapest, will contribute to development of the business relations and more and more small- and medium-sized companies will find mutual contacts, Dux said.

In addition to TEHNOMA, at the moment, Skopje Fair is hosting the 4th Transport and Logistics Fair, the 17th International Fair on Craftsmanship and Small Businesses, as well as the 37th International Exhibition of Innovations – MAKINOVA.

Transport companies, harbors, transport associations, logistics centers, terminals and customs warehouses from Macedonia, the broader region, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Albania, …. exhibit their products on an area covering 1,000m at the Transport and Logistics Fair.

The Fair is opened from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m. Individual tickets are sold at the price of Denar 90, while group tickets cost Denar 40.

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