7th September 2018, Skopje – Macedonian economy is moving in the right direction, whereby data of the State Statistical Office speaks in favour thereof, recording a growth of  3.1% of GDP in the second quarter. This was pointed out by Minister of Finance Dragan Tevdovski upon the Financial Stability Committee, also attended by the Governor of the National Bank Anita Angelovska Bezoska. Tevdovski said that Macedonia had the capacity to achieve the projected 3.2% growth.

– Our macroeconomic indicators and all data published by the State Statistical Office also speak in favour of the fact that the economy moves in the right direction, which is the most significant matter. During the second quarter, GDP growth accounted for 3.1%, increase was recorded at the industrial production, as well as the foreign direct investments amounting to EUR 325 million, unemployment rate was reduced, wages were increased, tax revenues were in line with our projections and solid budget liquidity was observed. We believe that Macedonia has the capacity to achieve the projected 3.2 growth – Minister of Finance said.

According to Tevdovski, what is most important is that the economy started to grow significantly, adding that the expectations for certain segments are even greater, and measures that will also contribute to growth in the construction in the next quarters, have been undertaken as well.

Governor Anita Angelovska- Bezoska stressed that was important was that upon the economic stagnation, the economic activity was significantly boosted.

Angelvoska said that the activity of the banking system experienced gradual intensification this year, being evident from the increase of both the deposit base and the lending activity.

– Gradual intensification of the lending activity is expected by the end of the year, although, during the previous two years, we witnessed a fairly slowed down lending activity. At present, given the gradual stabilization of the developments, the lending activity has been boosted to e certain extent, which in addition to the measures we undertake, is expected to provide for additional incentive and further gradual intensification of the lending activity by the end of the year, the Governor said.




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