Skopje, 6th November 2017, – We are doing everything we can so as to make the public spending transparent, since this will put a pressure on spending the funds properly, Minister Dragan Tevdovski said to the businessmen during the event held in the Economic Chamber of Macedonia. During the past 4 months, the IMF and the World Bank acknowledged that we made significant steps as regards the transparency, he pointed out.

According to Tevdovski, the budget may be considerably increased, only if a sound public education and sound public health are provided, as well as better roads, something that will provide for bigger returns in the future. However, in parallel to increasing the wages, the criteria should be raised as well.

– As for education, for instance, there should be a criterion on who lectures our kids if we want to achieve good results in the long run. It was enough seeing fast changes that were beneficial only to the people in power. Therefore, we open new issues, so as to get things right in Macedonia, Tevdovski pointed out.

During the discussion, several questions were raised, to which the Minister directly answered. Both, the Minister and the President of the Chamber, Branko Azeski confirmed that such transparent manner of discussion prior to adopting the Budget will become a traditional practice.


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