1st September 2018 – As regards the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia, there is sound revenue collection, solid liquidity, whereby a significant pressure is put on executing the projected expenditures. What pleases me is the fact that there is growth of the revenues on the basis of contributions corresponding to the wage increase, Minister of finance Dragan Tevdovski said in an interview for MIA.

At the end of the month, as Minister said, the report for August will be also published, wherein upward trend of profit tax revenues is observed in the first eight months.

– We expect for profit tax revenues to surge by around EUR 30 million by August. This is clearly speaks of the fact that both the companies are recovering and the business sector is getting back on a sound footing. Most recent data on the industrial production in August show high 8.4% growth compared to the same month last year, Tevdovski said.

According to the data on Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs), as he went on, high growth was recorded compared to last year.

– FDIs in the fist half this year reached EUR 327 million. Just for comparison purposes, in 2017, FDIs amounted to EUR 227 million throughout the whole year. Government will remain committed to creating opportunities for economic growth. Given the clear path for joining the EU and NATO, these developments will improve even more, Tevdovski said in an interview for MIA.

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