Strumica, 28th November 2012 (MIA)– Three inhabited areas with 5,000 inhabitants in Vasilevo Municipality will obtain faecal sewage. Investment is worth Denar 30 million, while the construction was inaugurated by Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, Minister for Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski and Mayor of Vasilevo Municipality Vanco Stojanovski.


Project envisages construction of main collector for Vasilevo, Gradasorci and Angelci, faecal sewage system for Angelci and Wastewater Treatment Station at Strumica River at the populated area Piperevo. Project should be completed in seven months, Minister Stavreski said, adding that its realization will solve the issue for irrigation of wastewater, which is being solved with septic tanks at the moment.


Construction of this system, as the Minister added, will prevent pollution of the soul of subterranean and superficial water, being used for irrigation.


Project is being realized with funds, provided through loan from the European Investment Bank in the amount of EUR 50 million, for which the Government is responsible, while the loan funds are allocated to the municipalities in Macedonia in the form of grants.


The Project is aimed at improving the conditions and improving the quality of life in the rural areas in the Republic of Macedonia. Project is implemented by Ministry of Transport and Communications.


Minister Stavreski in Vasilevo Municipality also mentioned other projects, being realized in the municipality, such as the water supply network in Canaklija village, industrial zone in this municipality, having employed 200 persons so far, as well as construction of kindergarten in Vasilevo.


– Through the cooperation between the central and local authorities, we are focused on creating conditions for accelerated local economic development and better living conditions for the inhabitants of this Municipality, Stavreski said.


Vasilevo Municipality, as Minister Janakieski said, is the 19th municipality in this country,

which uses loan funds from EIB, amounting to EUR 50 million. Start of the realization of this Project in Vasilevo is evidence that the Government together with Vasilevo Municipality will be able to realize a number of projects.


According to Mayor Stojanovski, by realizing this Project, local authorities continue to both improve the living conditions of population and realize what they promised.
This Project will be provided and sewage system or industrial zone in Vasilevo.

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