Skopje, 29th September 2012 (MIA) -First certificates for performing accounting activities in Macedonia were awarded, thus establishing order in the profession and obtaining certificate for accountants for their professionalism and competence in performing their profession.


Issuance of certificates is prescribed under the new Law on Performing Accounting Activities, adopted in July this year as one of the Government’s measures, by which, as Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski said at the ceremony of awarding the certificates, the demands of the private sector were met.

– Law fulfills a legal vacuum in the area, being significant for stable development of the private sector, attracting and growth of investments, and thus contributing to overall economy growth. Until the Law was adopted, almost every person in the country could have become an accountant, thus leading to devaluation of the profession accountant and occurrence of disloyal competition on the market, Stavreski pointed out, adding the Law sets criteria on the persons who can perform accounting activities, introduces mandatory continuous education of accountants, sets registries of accountants and introduces control over the operations of accountants and accounting companies, all this contributing to preventing unprofessional and biased performance of accounting activities.  

Pointing out that accounting is an important profession for establishing sound business climate, Minister underlined that only in this manner it will reach the level it deserves, it will help the economy to have precise picture of the status of each company, and it will help the Government and those crating the economic policy to carry out good analysis of the trends in the economy and to propose measures for improvement.

Accountants welcomed the adoption of the Law, assessing it as positive, establishing order in the profession.

– Adoption of this Law provides for governing this profession, being important chain in the overall economic system. It provides for further governing, education and development of the profession. It regulates the issue of the accountants, the status, the position and the role of in the society, Mitre Stojanovski, representative of the Association of Accountants of Macedonia said.

Cena Stefkovska from Bitola, obtaining permanent certificate for certified accountant, pointed out that they expected the Law for so many years and that it would contribute to improving the performance of this profession.

Since the adoption of the Law, 470 applications for issuing certificates were submitted to the Ministry of Finance. So far, 259 certificates have been completed, while 211 are in the stage of processing. Temporary certificates have 2-year validity. Final deadline for submitting applications is 3rd February 2013. It is estimated that there are over 6,000 accountants in Macedonia.

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