Bitola, 1st February 2012 (MIA) Possibilities for government support to the business community, determining the need for credit funds available for financing certain projects and possibilities for facilitating tax liabilities.

These were the main issues discussed at the meeting held on Wednesday between Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, Public Revenues Office Director, Goran Trajkovski, Director of Property and Legal Affairs Office, Zoran Krstanovski, and representatives from the business community in Bitola.

– In troubled times Europe is facing, it is very important to maintain regular dialogue between the Government and the business community.Bitola has a dynamic private sector which has recently shown great appetite and interest in investing, in particular in “Zabeni” industrial zone, as well as on other locations.Therefore, we would like to determine which are the areas where the Government can help, where a need for credit funds arises and what is available so as to finance certain projects, possibilities to facilitate tax liabilities and other forms of support, Minister Stavreski said.

We would like, he pointed out, to help the economy in Bitola so as for it to overcome these troubled times, and the companies to invest and create jobs, since it is the most important for the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.This is expected from “Kromberg and Schubert” company, initially announcing around 500 jobs and total of 2,500 jobs within the whole investment, Stavreski underlined.

With respect to the public announcement for investments in “Zabeni” industrial zone which ends today, according to Mayor Vladimir Taleski, so far, 12 new companies showed interest in 14 building plots, the electronic auction for which will be held on 8th February.


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