18th July 2018, Radovis – Infrastructure projects, such as the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Radovis, contribute to both cleaner environment and health of the citizens. Such projects are lacking, while, on the other hand, the municipalities need them, Minister of Finance, Dragan Tevdovski, pointed out at the commissioning of the waste water treatment plant. Prime Minister Zaev, EU Ambassador Žbogar, Minister of Environment Duraku and Mayor of Radovis attended the commissioning ceremony.

It is an investment EUR 6 million worth provided under IPA funds, which will contribute to better services for 25,000 citizens in Radovis.

-Ministry of Finance has played an important role in the realization of this Project. The Ministry carried out the tender procedure, paying due attention to adherence to all contractual obligation, as well as absorption of IPA funds according to the EU sound financial management rules, throughout the Project implementation – Tevdovski said at the event of commissioning the waste water treatment plant.

Minister of Finance pointed out that the Government strived for increasing the absorption of IPA funds in the form of grants from the European Union.

-As of 2017 inclusive, absorption rate of IPA funds reached high 83%. Absorption rate of IPA funds was historically the highest last year, almost twice higher compared to the previous years. This year, we completed the major projects financed under IPA, such as Demir Kapija – Smokvica motorway section and the waste water treatment plants, Tevdovski said.

In his address, Tevdovski underlined that the Government also planned to utilize the support from the European Union in future, all to the end of investing in infrastructure projects, among which the environmental protection projects.

-Ministry of Finance will commence tender procedures on construction of waste water treatment plants in the municipalities of Bitola and Tetovo by the end of this year, the total value of which is EUR 58 million. These plants will serve around 207,000 citizens, whereby, together with the four waste water treatment plants we have put into operation now, cleaner environment for around one fifth of the population in Macedonia will be provided. As regards the coming seven-year period, Ministry of Finance expects for environmental projects to be implemented, totaling around EUR 120 million, most of which or around 85% is IPA funds, Tevdovski said.

Minister of Finance pointed out that such projects also provided for economic growth of the country, as well as economic development at local level.

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