Skopje, 5th August 2014 (MIA) – Today, Ministry of Finance issued the thirteenth issue of denationalization bond amounting to EUR 10 million. All decisions on denationalization which became effective in the period 1st January 2013- 31st January 2014, according to which bonds are given as form of compensation, should be compensated under these bonds.

Central Securities Depository will send notification of the amount of issued bonds to the bond owners, at their home address.

As Ministry of Finance informed, citizens may use the denatitionalization bonds, prior to their maturity deadline, for shares and stocks of enterprises the Privatization Agency of the Republic of Macedonia owned, which, after the termination of its operations, have turned under the competence of other government institutions. In addition, they may also be used for shares and stocks of enterprises being reserved for the former owners pursuant to the Law on Transformation of Enterprises with Social Capital, payment of claims transferred under the Law on Asset Management Agency of the Republic of Macedonia, being subject to sale. In addition, they may be used for buying state-owned property, for which purchase, possibility is envisaged for paying with bonds, buying shares and stocks of state-owned capital during the process of its privatization, paying concession fee for state-owned property, buying or paying lease of state-owned property, as well as for paying obligations arising from the Law on Denationalization.

So far, thirteen issues of denationalization bonds, amounting to EUR 324 million, have been issued.

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