Increase of industrial production by 20% in December, announced by State Statistics Office, and previous increase of 4% are the first serious signs of stabilizationof the industry and the economy in Macedonia, as well as of exiting recession, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, said today.


According to him, these indicators undoubtedly provide encouragement for moderate optimism regarding the expectations for 2010.


– However, on the other side, it is necessary to remain active and engaged both in terms of the Government and the measures and policies it adopts and in terms of the economy to the end of more efficient and timely usage of approved funds under EIB credit line and all other activities that can help the industrial production recover fast, Minister Stavreski said in the Macedonian Parliament.


It is a fact, as he pointed out, that such considerable surge of 20% of industrial production points out to visible signs of significant recovery of the industry and of the economy in Macedonia.(MIA)


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