11th March 2021, Skopje – Ministry of Finance and Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts concluded a Memorandum of Cooperation, aimed at improving the public finance management system and implementing activities focused on boosting economic growth and development. Memorandum was signed by Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi and the President of Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljupco Kocarev.

“Planned goals will be accomplished by organizing and carrying out scientific research, which scientific results would be applied as regards enhancement of public finance management, market economy, entrepreneurship and competitiveness, as well as for the purpose of promoting sound business-practices. Furthermore, analyzes and scientific research will be carried out in different areas of common interest, which should result in creating favorable conditions for doing business, boosting economic growth, as well as stable and predictable business environment”, Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi sad at the signing ceremony of this Memorandum.

Moreover, the cooperation will provide for improving and developing the dialogue practice in creating macroeconomic and development policy, to be thereby guided by the results of the fundamental, the applied and the development scientific research therefrom.

“In the years to come, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts will, as much as possible, support and enhance fundamental, applied and development research in the field of economics, all to the end of increasing the advisory role of Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Through a series of further joint activities, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts and Ministry of Finance, will, by virtue of scientific reasoning, contribute to the progress of Macedonian economy,” President of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljupco Kocarev said.

Ministry of Finance will, together with the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, take part in the preparation of strategic microeconomic and macroeconomic analytical observations and scientific research. At the same time, both institutions will jointly work on networking and the operations as regards the national and international networks, implementing joint initiatives for carrying out scientific analyses and research as regards the benefits from successful implementation of the European policies and regulations, to be also coupled by other activities, the ultimate goal of which is promoting economic growth and development.

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