Human Resource Management Unit performs tasks and duties referring to the following: rights and obligations of employees in the Ministry, monitoring and applying laws, bylaws,collective agreements and other regulations referring to the status, rights, duties and responsibilities of civil servants in the field of labour relations; preparing general and specific acts on rights, obligations and responsibilities of employees; keeping personal records in the Ministry; keeping records proscribed as an obligation under the legal and other regulations in the field of labour; keeping records on both the attendance at work and the adherence to use of working hours, preparing reports thereof and submitting them to the expert service for payment of salaries and salary and allowances; registering and deregistering employees in the competent bodies and expert services; monitoring and managing staff policy in the Ministry; preparing analyses, information and reports on the staff status in the Ministry; keeping single staff and personal records in the Ministry; monitoring the need of filling in working positions according to the systematisation of tasks and duties and w cooperating with the heads of the organisational units of the Ministry; selecting and employing human resources; preparing programmes and plans for professional and advanced training of civil servants and monitoring their realisation; managing, monitoring and organizing seminars and preparing reports from the carried out seminars, preparing and carrying out surveys and analyses for evaluation of the working process, proposing and preparing procedures for quality execution of working duties, carrying out tests for ability, intelligence, creativity, mechanical abilities, knowledge, computer literacy tests and foreign language proficiency tests for civil servants, preparing procedures for registration of employment and deregistration, carrying out the process for evaluation of civil servants, preparing opinions on cases related to human resources, providing professional assistance when evaluating civil servants in the Ministry, discussing with the heads regarding the indicators on awarding employees, as well as carrying out disciplinary procedures, participating in preparation of annual training programme and preparing manuals of procedures in cooperation with the heads of departments and units, preparing rulebooks for organisation and systematisation, rulebooks for awarding employees, providing professional opinions in the field of human recourses to the State Secretary and monitoring and analysing theoretical and practical experience in the country and abroad in the field of human resource management.


Verica Stoilova
office: ++389 3255 – 619

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