14th April 2021, Skopje – Tax reform commences this year by attaining 13 goals and implementing 40 and so activities, as well as many sub-activities under the 2021 Action Plan on Implementation of the 2021 – 2025 Tax System Reform Strategy. The measures envisage analyses, applying models and using experience, to be accompanied by public debates and consultations. Solutions to be adopted will stem from this process.


Today’s debate on tax reform between the Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, and the representatives of the academicians and the expert community – academicians from the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Taki Fiti and Abdulmenaf Bexheti, university professors and experts in the tax regulation area, such as Trajko Slaveski, Vladimir Filipovski, Nikola Popovski, Aleksandar Stojkov, Blagica Petreski, Marjan Petreski, Aleksandra Nakjeva-Ruzhin, Gligor Bishev, Nikica Mojsovski and Goran Rafajlovski, is part of this process.

Strengthening the existing tax policy and its harmonization with the EU acquis, ensuring fair competition, tax base analysis, tax evasion reduction, tax arrears reduction, strengthening the capacities of the tax system institutions, increased transparency, improved control mechanisms, improved services and introduction of incentives for environmental responsibility and “green” taxation, all these are specific goals contained in this year’s Action Plan.

The activities to be implemented within these goals are tax base analysis and possible changes to the PIT, CIT and property tax, as well as analysis of tax reliefs/deductions. Moreover, activities are envisaged targeting tax evasion prevention, improved fiscalization, cashless environment, service modernization, human resources development and preparing proposals for introducing incentives for environmental responsibility, also including other activities set under the specific goals.

Five priorities to be attained by implementing the respective goals and activities are the following: 1) increased fairness in taxation, 2) increased efficiency and productivity of the tax system to the end of improved revenue collection, 3) increased tax transparency, 4) improved quality of services и 5) introduction of environmental (“green”) taxation.

Both the Ministry of Finance and the Government are committed to building a strengthened tax system to be efficient, transparent, modern, simple and fair, as such being the basis for accelerated economic growth and development. Therefore, transparent and inclusive process, accompanied with consultations and public debates, took place last week when the Minister of Finance met with the representatives from the Chambers of Commerce, a process to be maintained in the future as well.

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