29th April 2021, Tetovo – New part of “Vidoe Smilevski-Bato” Boulevard has been built, at the entrance of Tetovo, in the total amount of EUR 985.4 thousand, financed through the Municipal Services Improvement Project, implemented by Ministry of Finance with World Bank’s support. Today, Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, together with the Mayor of Tetovo Municipality, Teuta Arifi, at the event marking the completion of this Project, underlined that better connectivity of the city, safer traffic, improved road infrastructure, municipal economic development, better quality of life of citizens, as well as reduced pollution were made possible thereby.

Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi underlined that the Municipal Services Improvement Project – MSIP, the total amount of which is approximately EUR 102 million, has so far, provided for supporting 260 capital investments, as well as construction of local roads, utility infrastructure, kindergartens and other municipal infrastructure in all municipalities in the Republic of North Macedonia. He stressed that extension of “Vidoe Smilevski-Bato” Boulevard is yet another successfully implemented Project, even in times of pandemic, being aimed at improving the municipal services rendered to the citizens.

Under this Project, EUR 968 thousand has been allocated to Tetovo Municipality, aimed at constructing new part of “Vidoe Smilevski Bato” Boulevard, with 11,000 inhabitants of the municipality, as well as all citizens in the Polog Region directly benefiting therefrom. This sub-project contributes to achieving sustainable environmental protection by reducing the harmful gases and the noise, having also a positive impact on the climate changes and the energy efficiency. It also provides for economic development of the municipality. Construction of this Boulevard is significant not only for the traffic in Tetovo, but also because it provides links between the three important routes from and to Tetovo, linking Tetovo Municipality to Skopje, Gostivar and Jazhince – Besimi said.

Boulevard length is 0.7 km in total, with width of 22m, comprising two carriageways of 7 m divided by green belt of 3 m and sidewalks 2m wide on both sides of the street. In addition to the construction of the carriageways and the sidewalks, this Project provided for building sewerage collector, new water supply line, whereby street lighting was also installed in the newly built part.

It is my great pleasure that we are present today, together with the Minister of Finance Fatmir Besimi, at the occasion of celebrating the completion of the Construction of Part of the Boulevard Vidoe Smilevski Bato – infrastructure project worth approximately EUR 1 million. These funds have been provided from the World Bank, through MSIP 2 Instrument of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of North Macedonia. This investment provided for reducing the traffic congestion in the city, being also important for its environmental positive impact, enabling heavy vehicles transiting across Tetovo to avoid moving in the central part of the city – Mayor of Tetovo, Teuta Arifi said.

Minister Besimi pointed out that this was the second major investment for the Municipality of Tetovo completed in 3 months through MSIP. In fact, The Project for Purchasing of Buses for Public Transport was promoted at the end of January, amounting to EUR 720 thousand. As a result of the successful implementation of these two Projects, amounting to more than EUR 1.7 million, Minister Besimi announced that this Municipality would be awarded a grant through the Project “Procurement of Special Communal Vehicles and Containers for the Needs of Public Communal Enterprise”.

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