5th July 2022, Skopje – Denar 25 million as additional funds in the field of health, environment, infrastructure, are provided under the 2022 Supplementary Budget, as approved by the Government at its session held on Tuesday, which is to be submitted to the Parliament, for adoption. Funds are provided by accepting the amendments during the debate in the Financing and Budget Parliamentary Commission upon the 2022 Draft Supplementary Budget. They provide for permanent resolution of the issue related to the industrial landfill in Jugohrom, also incorporating funds for mammograms for the hospitals in Strumica and Negotino, purification of the bed along Vardar and Tresca Rivers, reconstruction of the Moroishki Bridge and construction of a roundabout, project documentation for the Culture Center Chegrane and others.

The 2022 Supplementary Budget is a response to the crisis, providing additional funds aimed at protecting the living standard of the citizens and the liquidity of companies by the end of the year, amid protracted energy and price crisis.

Under the modifications and amendments to the 2022 Budget, total revenues are projected in the amount of Denar 245.8 billion, being higher by Denar 6.9 billion or 2.9% compared to the initial Budget projections. Total expenditures are projected in the amount of Denar 288.5 billion or by 5.9%, i.e. by around Denar 16 billion higher compared to the initial 2022 projections. The deficit, on the basis of such projected revenues and expenditures, is projected in the amount of Denar 42.7 billion, i.e. 5.3% of GDP.

Items under the Supplementary Budget also include Denar 19 million more, geared towards implementing the economic measures as support for the citizens and the economy, <0} among which financial support in the amount of Denar 4.7 billion for protecting the living standard of the citizens and the liquidity of companies, Denar 3.2 billion for supporting the agriculture sector, Denar 2.4 billion for the guaranteed minimum income, as well as more funds for the envisaged increase of the pensions and the wages in the field of education and child care, as well as support for the companies in the form of minimum wage increase subsidies.

Capital expenditures are projected in the amount of Denar 32.1 billion, including the projected investments for reconstruction and modernization of the equipment within the public health institutions, capital investments in the field of education, child care and social protection, road, railway and utility infrastructure, fulfillment of the agreements in the field of defense and security, as well as increased funds intended for rural development, i.e. hydro-systems, water supply and sewerage systems and the remaining water economy infrastructure.

Economic growth in 2022 is projected at 3.2%, driven by domestic consumption, which is expected to increase by 3.3%. Gross investments are expected to increase by 5%, which in addition to the public investments, private investments are expected to contribute thereto.

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