6th October 2022, Skopje – Republic of North Macedonia has been receiving continuous support from the United States through USAID in implementing the reforms as regards its Euro-Atlantic integration. Such support was affirmed today at a meeting between Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi and Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of the United States of America in Skopje, Eric Meyer, as well as the new USAID Country Representative for the Republic of Macedonia, Jeri Dible, whereat the agreements pertaining to the new Amendment to the Development Partnership Grant Agreement were also exchanged.

Signing of this Amendment is part of the 4-year Partnership Program, totaling US$ 56.5 million. By signing this latest, fourth amendment, the available funds under the Entire Program, amount to US$ 23.4 million. Funds are geared towards boosting the economic growth by increasing the competitiveness, reducing the obstacles to the expansion of Euro-Atlantic markets and enhancing the energy safety, increasing the youth engagement in terms of encouraging the economic opportunities, as well as their initiative in playing active role in the development of the country, as well as reducing corruption and fostering a culture of accountability.

Minister Besimi expressed his gratitude to the US Government for its continuous and substantial support provided to our Government in implementing activities geared towards economic growth and stability, as well as strengthening the democratic practices of the institutions. He also added that one of the priorities of the Ministry of Finance is ensuring greater transparency, for which certain measures have already been undertaken, however, this process needs to be improved and support is expected to be extended therefor.

At the meeting, the announced American efforts to combat corruption and reduce the informal economy were welcomed. In this respect, Minister Besimi expressed particular interest in the technical support, which is to be provided by the USAID therefor.

United States, represented by USAID, has so far invested US$ 840 million for the development of the Republic of North Macedonia, thus remaining committed to supporting the country in accomplishing its vision for further Euro-Atlantic integration.

At the meeting, Minister Besimi presented the macroeconomic trends, the reforms being undertaken and the planned investments for accelerated economic growth, as well as the challenges our country confronts, stemming from the energy crisis, and the measures undertaken by the Government to deal therewith. In addition the support intended for strengthening the fiscal decentralization and enhancing the local-government capacities, was also highlighted thereat.

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