16th December 2022, Skopje – By reallocating funds among the budget users and the Funds, Denar 7.25 billion or EUR 118 million has been provided, primarily for dealing with the energy crisis, i.e. ensuring secure supply of electricity for the citizens and the businesses, as well as covering the electricity costs of the institutions for the purpose of their smooth functioning and rendering services to the citizens. Decision on reallocating these funds was adopted by the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia on Friday.

“Under the  2022 Decision on Reallocation of Funds among Budget Users and Funds, additional funds have been provided, geared towards overcoming the consequences of the energy  crisis, settling the priority liabilities of budget users,  above all on the basis of electricity, implementation of capital projects in the field of culture, water supply and sports infrastructure, payment of state aid and arranging the infrastructure  in the zones, implementing the ongoing programs, projects and legally set competences in the health, social and educational sectors. Additional funds have also been provided in the field of defence, aimed at modernizing and equipping the Army, meeting the liability for payment of vacation allowance for the employees covered under the Citizens’ Collective Agreement, and similar”, Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi said.

He went on that as per the Decision, additional Denar 1.72 billion has been provided under the P1 Program – Measures for Coping with COVID-19 Crisis for the Government, funds for ESM for supplying electricity from domestic sources, covering the electricity costs in key sectors so as to prevent interruption of electricity in those institutions, as well as Denar 186 million for students’ meals.

Funds have been provided on the basis of savings generated for non-priority categories upon the adopted government measures and recommendations for saving energy, at budget users with lower execution that the projected one, as well as funds under the programs not being  executed as per CAPEF mechanism.

The decision is a continuation of the constant Government efforts in providing funds for dealing with the crisis and its overcoming with as few consequences as possible. This has been the second Decision on reallocating funds, primarily focused on coping with the energy crisis. Under this first Decision, Denar 5.15 billion has been provided, Denar 3.75 billion out of which as measures aimed at coping with the crisis. During the month of July, the Government also adopted the 2022 Supplementary Budget, under which Denar 4.7 billion was provided for coping with the energy crisis.

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