27th September 2023, Ohrid – Securities market development is key to supporting the development of the economy. That is why it is important to develop the Stock Exchange and introduce novelties and offer initiatives. To that end, Ministry of Finance has introduced new instruments this year. Over the summer, the first auction of the development bond for citizens took place and, starting today, yet another new instrument is introduced on the capital market – the green bond, Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, pointed out in his address at the opening ceremony of the Annual Conference of the Macedonian Stock Exchange, taking place in Ohrid.

“We have introduced new instruments on the securities market this year. One of them is the development bond for citizens, which auction was successfully completed, with a great number of citizens participating in the process. In October 2023, one more auction of development bond for citizens will be carried out. It was a process which the banks also supported, contributing to the development of the securities market. We have good news today. Green bond in the amount of EUR 10 million will be issued for the first time. It is a two-year bond with 4.75% interest, intended for both the legal entities and the citizens. However, I believe that the citizens will be more interested in the development bond for citizens, considering its 5% interest rate”, Minister Besimi said.

He went on by saying that in addition to these two instruments, denationalization bonds are also frequently traded on the Stock Exchange, with structural bonds to be also traded soon.

According to the Minister, it is important to offer creative solutions and new instruments on the market, which will provide for easier access to funds for the small and the medium-sized enterprises, as well as the new ideas.

He wished successful work at the Conference, emphasizing that conferences are events where fresh ideas are presented, new initiatives are offered and experience is exchanged which, on the other had, provides for more efficient institutions.

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