5th October 2023, Skopje – Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi met the newly Appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Austria, to the Republic of North Macedonia, H.E. Marin Pamer, thereby affirming the so-far successful cooperation between both countries, as well as the support Republic of Austria provides for the EU integration of our country.

At the meeting, Besimi welcomed H.E. Ambassador Pamer to our country, and wished him a success during his term of office, as well as further improvement of the cooperation between both countries. Republic of Austria substantially supports the EU integration process of Republic of North Macedonia, being its major investor, whereby further deepened cooperation therewith is expected in future as well.

With the support of Austria, several projects are being implemented aimed at strengthening the institutions’ capacities, all to the end of getting them ready on our road to the EU. Agreements between both countries were signed, pertaining to the investors’ projection, being crucial for attracting foreign investments in our country, amounting to over EUR 500 million in the last 10 years. In addition, the already undertaken activities will also contribute to boosting the trade, recording double digit growth this year.


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