16th October 2023, Skopje – Federal Republic of Germany is partner and supporter of North Macedonia on its road to fully-fledged EU membership, by supporting both the reforms and the development process. Berlin Process, as an intergovernmental initiative for cooperation for the purpose of accelerating the EU integration process is a clear proof of the support we receive from Germany. Cooperation and closeness between the two economies, and the confidence in the government policies, are also reflected in number of German investments in the country, Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, said at the meeting with the newly appointed Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to North Macedonia, Petra Drexler, whishing her success during her term of office, continuation and advancement of the already good cooperation established between the two countries and implementation of many new projects.

“Federal Republic of Germany is our major trading partner, participating with around 25% in the total trade, with this share constantly increasing. During the first seven months this year, trade with Germany amounted to EUR 2.9 billion, whereby export to Germany amounted to EUR 2.23 billion, accounting for the most in the structure of the country’s total export. German investors, among the leading investors in the country, have invested EUR 561 million as FDIs during a period of 10 years”, Minister Besimi underlined, highlighting the significant positive input to the domestic economy therefrom.

Federal Republic of Germany also supports the implementation of various projects at both central and local level, which are of great importance for the country, being especially active in the energy sector, where investments proved to be crucial considering the ongoing energy crisis. Among the projects in this sector supported by Germany are the Wind Park Bogdanci – phase 2, with total installed capacity of 13.8 MW, District Heating System Bitola, rehabilitation of six major hydropower plants, reconstruction and energy efficiency of student dormitories, as well as projects for water supply and sewerage and irrigation.

Currently, series of activities are being undertaken for projects to be prepared in the coming period, with EUR 90 million expected from KfW by the end of this year as budget support for the program for stabilization and decarbonization of the energy sector.

As emphasized during the meeting, cooperation should continue and intensify in all areas of mutual interest, which will in turn contribute to accelerating the country’s EU accession process. Republic of North Macedonia is strongly committed to attaining this priority and it undertakes all necessary step to turn it into reality.

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